Atlas (for Atlas Book)

Leaving and Returning Home (for Telegram Book)

Pherographia: Drawing by Ants (excerpt)

Timor Mortis Conturbat Me (for Pherographia Book)

Quia in Inferno Nulla est Redemptio

Creative Leaps (for Leonel Moura’s ROBOT ARTe) (English/Portuguese)

Consilience (for Inside, Art and Science) (English/Portuguese)

Pherographia (Artist Statement for Inside[Art and Science])

Out of the Box (for Manoel J. Florenço– Out of the Box)

Gesta Hungarorum (for the exhibition with the same name, anonymous author)

MittelEur/opa (in Portuguese)

I-S-T 95-75-15 (in Portuguese)

Livro Ibérico (in Portuguese)

Kaluptein (by Maria João Martins, in Portuguese)

Mundos Artificiais e Artefactos Naturais (in Portuguese)